Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbals | The ultimate drummer’s guide (2021)

meinl pure alloy cymbals

The Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbals are a professional line of cymbals that sit between the Byzance and Classic Custom ranges. These cymbals have a clean sound that isn’t to be missed.

Let’s go through what makes the Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbals unique and what models are currently available.

What are they made from?

The Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbals are made from a B12 bronze that was previously featured on the now discontinued Soundcaster Series cymbals.

Although they are made from B12, an alloy seen as subpar to B20, Meinl has a way of getting incredible sounds with their manufacturing techniques.

These Pure Alloy cymbals are made with computerized hammering, a fine lathe on top with a smooth finish and a fine lathe on the bottom without any smoothing. 

The bells of the cymbals are not hammered but have the same finish as the rest of the cymbal.

This gives the cymbals a very clean and traditional look which is a step away from the raw finishes often seen on Meinl cymbals.

What do the Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbals sound like?

In general, the Pure Alloy cymbals are bright and do pack a punch. They aren’t as cutting as the Classic Custom line giving them more diversity to the playing situations. 

That being said, although intended for a wide variety of playing styles, these cymbals will sound best in amplified band scenarios. The brightness is likely too much for a jazz ensemble. 

The cymbals also have a wide dynamic range with them responding well to light touches through to big bow hits. 

If you are looking for cymbals with a lot of character these won’t be the option for you.

These cymbals are very clean delivering a precise sound. 

Take a listen in this video!

What cymbals are available?

Currently, the Meinl Pure Alloy line has a relatively small selection available. That being said, there are all the key cymbals you would expect.

Meinl Pure Alloy Medium Hi-hats

Pure Alloy hi-hats

Available in either 14″ or 15″ these hi-hats are very crisp and respond nicely at all dynamic levels. 

They also wash nicely when open making them perfect for rock playing. 

If you are looking for some extra depth of sound the 15″ hats are the ones to look at. These are a truly great pair of hi-hats.

  • Sizes availalbe: 14″ or 15″
  • Weight: medium 

Meinl Pure Alloy Medium Crashes

Pure Alloy crashes

There is a good selection of sizes available when it comes to crashes. If you are a fan of big crash cymbals these are worth considering.

The crash cymbals in this series do shine. They are bright and cutting but have a nice wash when used in a beat.

The larger crash cymbals (20+) also work nicely as a ride. The bells sound clear with a nice definition on the body of the cymbal. 

  • Sizes available: 16″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″
  • Weight: medium

Meinl Pure Alloy Medium Rides

Pure Alloy ride cymbals

Like the crashes, there are some big rides here. They have a nice clear sound with a good stick response when played on the body. 

The bells have are very pure without much character as you would expect but they are cutting.

These rides are also great for crashing. They are just light enough to avoid the gong sound you can get on some rides.

  • Sizes available: 20″, 22″, 24″
  • Weight: medium

Meinl Pure Alloy 10″ Splash

Pure Alloy 10 splash

Unfortunately, there is only currently one splash available in the Pure Alloy range. This is a shame as this is a great sounding cymbal hopefully, more will be added in the future.

This splash produces a nice clean tone with a medium sustain. 

There isn’t much to say about this cymbal, it is what you would expect from a bright splash and sounds great.

  • Size available: 10″
  • Weight: medium

Meinl Pure Alloy 12″ Trash China

Pure Alloy trash china

Currently only available in one size, the 12″ Trash China does pack a punch.

This gives you a quick trashy yet bright burst of sound. This cymbal also features a quick cutting pattern the cymbal to produce the sound.

This cymbal has a lot in common with the Sabian AA Holy Chinas and is a great lower-cost alternative to these. 

Hopefully, the range of sizes will be expanded in the future.

  • Size available: 12″
  • Weight: medium 

Meinl Pure Alloy 18″ China

pure alloy china

Once again there is only one size of this type of cymbal.

That being said, it sounds amazing. This china is very bright and cutting. It is perfect for accenting with the snare or riding in a beat.

  • Size available: 18″
  • Weight: medium 

Our thoughts

If you are looking for a bright set of professional-grade cymbals these are a great option. 

They have a beautiful classic finish with a clean bright sound. Sure, they aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste but what cymbals are?

And not to mention, these are cheaper than most equivalent pro line bright cymbals due to Meinl’s machining technology. 

The only downside of this line currently is the selection of cymbals available. Meinl does seem to be slowly adding more selection each year but not as fast as you might expect. As to why I am unsure. Maybe Meinl are testing the popularity of the line before expanding it too fast?

Meinl has been busy working on the second line of Pure Alloy cymbals though. The Meinl Pure Alloy Custom line. These are lighter weight and feature a unique finish and are worth a look.

What do you think of these cymbals? Let us know in the comments. 

Chris Coleman Signature Ride Cymbal – Meinl C Squared – Byzance Vintage

Chris Coleman signature ride cymbal Meinl C Squared

The Meinl C Squared Ride is the new signature cymbal of the drummer Chris Coleman. The Chris Coleman signature ride cymbal is part of the Meinl Byzance Vintage line and it unique in almost every detail.

Let’s take a look at what makes the C Squared ride unique.

Who is the Meinl C Squared ride for?

The C Squared ride has been designed by Chris Coleman and Meinl cymbals to achieve one aim. Be a versatile ride cymbal that covers multiple musical applications. Or as explained by Chris, he no longer wanted to carry three ride cymbals and needed one ride has had the best features of them all.

I can relate to this and I’m sure many drummers can. 

The question is, is it possible to get the sound of 20″ Byzance Raw Bell Ride, 20″ Byzance Extra Dry Ride and 20″ Byzance Dark Ride into one cymbal?

If any company is going to be able to do it, it is Meinl. There innovation and R&D is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

Here is what Chris Coleman has to say about his Meinl C Squared Signature Ride.

So what does the Chris Coleman Signature ride sound like?

The C Squared ride has a dry yet musical tone with a clear stick definition and short sustain. The ride is musical, cutting and earthy. 

As the ride is part of the Meinl Vintage line it embodies what that line aims to deliver. The classic vintage cymbal voice with modern appeal.

Based on that I would say this ride certainly achieves this. 


  • Pitch – low
  • Character – dry, vintage
  • Timbre – dark
  • Volume – medium to low
  • Lathe – none
  • Sustain – medium to short

Here is a sound demo of the cymbal from Meinl.

How does it get this sound?

The Chris Coleman signature ride is made from B20 bronze. The cymbal is heavy and features a high profile to get the desired stick definition. The cymbal also features a lot of hand hammer that gives the cymbal a beautiful finish when combined with the unlathed finish. 

The raw finish on the cymbal gives the cymbal an earthy tone whilst not taking away from its musicality.

The final yet most distinctive feature is the sixteen holes around the edge of the ride. Although these are uncommon on ride cymbals it reduces the wash and sustain. This gives the ride the characteristics more of a 20″ ride rather than that you may expect of a 21″. 

Meinl C squared Chris Coleman signature ride cymbal features

Where can I buy a Meinl C Squared Chris Coleman Signature ride?

This cymbal is available from either your local drum kit or most online music stores. If you are going to purchase one online, here are our top choices.

Our thoughts

This is one hell of a ride cymbal. If you turn up to a gig with one of these everyone is going to be asking what it is. Firstly because of its standout looks and secondly how great it sounds. 

This is an amazing cymbal that would be a great addition to any drummers setup. The only thing that may put you off is the price tag. This cymbal isn’t cheap but it is easy to see why. A lot of hours of hand hammering go into this cymbal to bring it to life. 

Once again Meinl is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cymbals. If you are looking for some other great Meinl creations, we recommend checking out the new Meinl Byzance Trash Crashes or Meinl Classics Custom Dark 18″ Big Bell Ride.

Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride (new for 2021)

Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18 Heavy Big Bell Ride

The Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride is brand new for 2021. For a long time, I’ve wanted cymbal manufacturers to produce a smaller ride for using on the left side of the hi-hats. A few smaller ride have been released over the years but now it is time to see what Meinl can do. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at this new 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride from Meinl.

Who is the Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride for?

This 18″ big bell ride is part of the Meinl Classic Custom Dark line. This range of cymbals has been created with rock, metal and extreme metal drummers in mind. 

These cymbals are aggressive, loud but still have a great tone. Not to mention visually stunning. 

The Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heazy Big Bell Ride fits this range as big bell rides are primarily for metal drummers. They have a nice ping on the body of the cymbal with a cutting bell for accents. Perfect for extreme metal music at high tempos where clarity of each hit is needed. 

What is the ride made from?

The Meinl Classic Custom Dark cymbals are made from a B10 bronze alloy using Meinl’s high-tech computerized manufacturing. Meinl seems to have a secret technique that allows them to get amazing-sounding cymbals from B10 bronze. Combining this with the fact the cymbals aren’t hand-hammered means they are cheaper than the top of the range B20 bronze cymbals.

Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18" Heavy Big Bell Ride side

So in short, you are getting a great sounding big bell ride cymbal without breaking the bank. 


  • Material – B10 bronze
  • Size – 18″
  • Weight – Extra heavy
  • Finish – Dark

What does the Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride sound like?

As this cymbal has been designed with extreme metal drummers in mind, it has the things you would be looking for if you play blast beats and fast metal grooves. It has an explosive and cutting sound with a fast response and a short decay. 

The body and the beg of this ride sound great and are perfect for metal drumming as designed.

As you usually get from big bell rides, the crash sound isn’t great. It is very washy with a long sustain. In all honesty, though, this isn’t what you are buying this ride for though.

Check out what the heavy big bell ride sounds like in this demo from Meinl.

Where can I buy a Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride?

Luckily for you, Meinl Cymbals can be ordered from most online music stores or your local drum shop. If you are looking to order online, here are some of our favourite suppliers.

Our thoughts

The Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride is an incredible cymbal for the cost. If you are looking for a ride for extreme metal this has to be at the top of your list for consideration. If you are looking for a left side ride for open handed pattern combinations there is no need to look any further.

We love this ride from Meinl and can’t wait to see what innovative cymbals they come out with next. 

Meinl Byzance Trash Crash | New for 2021

meinl byzance trash crash

Meinl Cymbals can often be seen leading the way with cymbal innovation. In 2021 they show no signs of slowing down with the new Meinl Byzance Trash Crash range. 

In total Meinl have added eight new trash crashes to the Byzance range covering the full sound and finish spectrum. No matter what style of music you play, if you are in the market for a trashy sound to add to your kit you will likely find something here.

What is a trash crash?

The trash crash is a unique type of cymbal that has grown in popularity over the past 5+ years. It sits nicely between a crash and a china cymbal. You get a nice crash sound with a shorter sustain like a china cymbal with a bit of that trashy sound added for good measure.

This sound is created by adding specially cut holes into a crash cymbal. Depending on the brand and model there has been may of different approaches taken. In a Meinl Trash Crash, you will see either 8 or 10 holes. Half larger and half smaller, alternating around the cymbal.

What cymbals have been added to the Meinl Byzance Trash Crash range?

The Meinl Byzance range is broad covering bright to dark cymbals with everything in between. Due to this a good selection of trash crashes have been added with something for every style of drummer.

Meinl Byzance Brilliant Trash Crash – 16″ and 18″

Brilliant trash crash
Credit – Meinl Cymbal

These are made from B20 bronze alloy and are hand-hammered. These give off a bright and rich sound. These would be great for a rock or metal drummer as they give you a crisp cutting sound.

Meinl Byzance Dark Trash Crash – 18″ and 20″

Dark Trash Crash
Credit – Meinl Cymbals

These are made from B20 bronze alloy and are hand-hammered. These have an unlathed surface and produce a darker sound.

Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Trash Crash – 18″ 

Extra Dry Trash Crash
Credit – Meinl Cymbals

These are made from B20 bronze alloy and are hand-hammered. These have a natural finish that produces an extra dry sound.

Meinl Byzance Vintage Pure Trash Crash – 18″ 

Vintage Pure Trash Crash
Credit – Meinl Cymbals

These are made from B20 bronze alloy and are hand-hammered. These have a special surface treatment for a vintage sound, look and feel. Apart from the great sound, this cymbal has a truly unique yet beautiful finish.

Meinl Byzance Traditional Trash Crash – 16″ and 18″ 

Traditional Trash Crash
Credit – Meinl Cymbals

These are made from B20 bronze alloy and are hand-hammered. These cymbals have the traditional finish that showcases individuality. 

What do the new Meinl Trash Crashes sound like?

Luckily Meinl has an incredible YouTube channel that is dedicated to just featuring what every cymbal they offer sounds like. Here are our top two:

And you can find the rest on the Meinl YouTube channel.

Where can I buy the Meinl Byzance Trash Crashes?

If you are looking to purchase these cymbals online you can get them from the links below. At Thomann.

Alternatively you can visit Gear4music.

Final thoughts

As a fan of trash crashes, I think these are a great addition to the Byzance range. The Meinl Byzance range of cymbals are of the highest quality and it is always a joy to see them adding more options for drummers to find the unique sound.

If I could only choose one I would be sure to pick up the 20″ Meinl Byzance Dark Trash Crash. What a beautiful cymbal.