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Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride (new for 2021)

Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18 Heavy Big Bell Ride

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The Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride is brand new for 2021. For a long time, I’ve wanted cymbal manufacturers to produce a smaller ride for using on the left side of the hi-hats. A few smaller ride have been released over the years but now it is time to see what Meinl can do. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at this new 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride from Meinl.

Who is the Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride for?

This 18″ big bell ride is part of the Meinl Classic Custom Dark line. This range of cymbals has been created with rock, metal and extreme metal drummers in mind. 

These cymbals are aggressive, loud but still have a great tone. Not to mention visually stunning. 

The Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heazy Big Bell Ride fits this range as big bell rides are primarily for metal drummers. They have a nice ping on the body of the cymbal with a cutting bell for accents. Perfect for extreme metal music at high tempos where clarity of each hit is needed. 

What is the ride made from?

The Meinl Classic Custom Dark cymbals are made from a B10 bronze alloy using Meinl’s high-tech computerized manufacturing. Meinl seems to have a secret technique that allows them to get amazing-sounding cymbals from B10 bronze. Combining this with the fact the cymbals aren’t hand-hammered means they are cheaper than the top of the range B20 bronze cymbals.

Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18" Heavy Big Bell Ride side

So in short, you are getting a great sounding big bell ride cymbal without breaking the bank. 


  • Material – B10 bronze
  • Size – 18″
  • Weight – Extra heavy
  • Finish – Dark

What does the Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride sound like?

As this cymbal has been designed with extreme metal drummers in mind, it has the things you would be looking for if you play blast beats and fast metal grooves. It has an explosive and cutting sound with a fast response and a short decay. 

The body and the beg of this ride sound great and are perfect for metal drumming as designed.

As you usually get from big bell rides, the crash sound isn’t great. It is very washy with a long sustain. In all honesty, though, this isn’t what you are buying this ride for though.

Check out what the heavy big bell ride sounds like in this demo from Meinl.

Where can I buy a Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride?

Luckily for you, Meinl Cymbals can be ordered from most online music stores or your local drum shop. If you are looking to order online, here are some of our favourite suppliers.

Our thoughts

The Meinl Classic Custom Dark 18″ Heavy Big Bell Ride is an incredible cymbal for the cost. If you are looking for a ride for extreme metal this has to be at the top of your list for consideration. If you are looking for a left side ride for open handed pattern combinations there is no need to look any further.

We love this ride from Meinl and can’t wait to see what innovative cymbals they come out with next. 

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I’ve been playing the drums for over 15 years and I still love them! I am mostly a metal drummer but I am currently working on groove and applying rudiments to the kit!

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