Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle Drumsticks | Longer sticks for the modern drummer

vic firth american concept freestyle drumsticks

Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle Drumsticks have been designed to meet the needs of the modern drummer. Drummers are after sticks that can be flexible to different playing needs.

This is where the Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle sticks aim to shine.

What is unique about the Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle Drumsticks?

The Vic Firth Freestyle sticks are longer than the average drumstick. These are drumsticks have a length of 17″ which is around 1″ longer than the average drumstick. 

The drumsticks also have an extra-long taper increasing the fulcrum (balance) on the stick.

Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle drumsticks explained

The Freestyle drumsticks are made from hickory with a lacquer finish like the other models offered by Vic Firth. This gives them a familiar feel in your hand.

The final difference compared to the American Classic sticks is that these feature a hybrid tip shape. This sits between a teardrop and a round tip. It aims to give you a similar feel to a teardrop with a bit more ping when using the tip on cymbals. They also shouldn’t leave dents in your heads as you can get when playing heavier with round tips.

Who are these sticks for?

The Vic Firth Freestyle sticks are worth considering for several reasons.

The extra length of the Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle Drumsticks

It is becoming more common for drummers to want a longer stick to use when playing. Vic Firth has had an extreme line of sticks for many years that are longer but these sticks take things a step further. 

Increased balance point

If you find the stick moving around in your hand a bit as you play this will be less of an issue with these sticks. Due to the extended fulcrum, you can afford for the stick to move a little without ruining the stick feel.

A diverse tip

A hybrid tip is a great option for drummers that have a diverse range of genres to cover. These tips give you the flexibility that you can’t get from the existing American Classic range and worth a try if you like teardrop feel but want more cymbal clarity.

What sizes are the Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle Drumsticks available in?

The Vic Firth Freestyle drumsticks are currently available in five sizes.

  • Freestyle 5A
  • Freestyle 5B
  • Freestyle 7A
  • Freestyle 55A
  • Freestyle 85A

The model names match up against there equivalent sizes so if you normally play a 5A, Vic Firth would suggest trying the Freestyle 5A.

Where can I buy these sticks?

You can pick the Vic Firth Freestyle Sticks up from your local drum shop or most online retailers. 

If you are going to order online, here are our top picks.

Our thoughts

Initially, I was sceptical about the Freestyle sticks. Are there many more ways to innovate on all the existing drumstick models? But the more I looked into them the more I can see the appeal.

Currently, as an Extreme 5B player, I am going to be trying the Freestyle 5B. The extra reach is always something I have liked from a drumstick and the hybrid tips are also an interesting addition.

The only downside I can see of these sticks is that they do cost an extra few dollars per pair. That doesn’t sound like much but it will add up over the years.

Overall, I think there is a lot to like with these sticks and they are worth a try if after a fresh feel. Drumsticks are all down to personal preference so they won’t be right for everyone. Pick up a pair and see how they feel.

Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks | What are they? Do you need them?

vic firth doubleglaze drumsticks

One issue drummers often come across is being able to hold onto drumsticks. Although this is more of an issue for beginners, it can also be an issue for those playing live shows under hot and sweaty conditions. Vic Firth has recognised this and has come up with the Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks to give you a bit more grip when you need it.

What are Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks?

Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks are the Vic Firth drumsticks you love but with a bit of extra grip. This has been achieved with a special DoubleGlaze lacquer formula that has been created by Vic Firth. As to what is in this formula we aren’t sure. 

A consistent and classic feel that’s great for extra grip when you need it.

Vic Firth

Why would drummers want Vic Firth Doubleglaze sticks with more grip?

There are many reasons drummers would want a stick with a little bit of extra grip.

  1. You are new to learning the drums and just need a bit of extra help whilst you learn.
  2. You are playing live shows on very hot stages. As you get sweatier the sticks get slippier and become hard to hold onto. 
  3. You are a sweaty player and need some extra grip.
  4. For some reason, you are dropping sticks and you need something to help you out.
  5. You are holding your sticks extra hard causing hand pain. A stick that is easier to hold may relieve some pain.

There are many reasons you may want to try out these drumsticks with a bit of extra grip.

What are the alternatives?

There are two main alternatives that drummers have used over the years. 

Stick tape

Stick tape is a great alternative when looking for a bit of extra grip. There are some disadvantages to consider though. 

  1. It takes time to wrap up your sticks
  2. It can be costly buying all the tap
  3. It can cause an imbalance in your sticks

Drum gloves

Drum gloves do increase the amount of grip you have on the drumsticks but they do have a different feel. This could be the make or break for you. If you like to feel the response and nuances of your sticks when playing your drumkit it is likely drumming gloves are not for you.

If you are looking for a full guide on different drumstick types and sizes, check out this article.

What size Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks are available?

You can currently get the sticks in the following sizes:

  • 5A
  • Extreme 5A
  • 5B
  • Extreme 5B
  • 7A

The range isn’t that great at the time of writing but the most popular sizes are covered. Hopefully, more sizes will be added as time goes by.

How much do Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks cost?

From what we have seen these sticks cost around £1 ($1) more than the standard stick. If these sticks help with your playing this seems like a reasonable cost to us. 

Where can I buy Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks?

You can pick up Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks from most drum stores.

UK/EU you can pick up these sticks from Gear4music here.

Or order on Amazon

Final thoughts

The Vic Firth Doubleglaze drumsticks are a great solution for drummers looking for a little bit of extra grip. At the end of the day, this will all come down to your preferences. We recommend you go and pick a pair up and see if they are right for you.