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Pearl Curved Boom Arm Stand (brand new for 2021)

pearl curved boom arm stand

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Brand new for 2021 is the Pearl Curved Boom Arm Stand. This is much like a regular boom cymbal stand but with a unique curved arm.

Let’s find out why you may want this on your drumkit. 

What is the Pearl Curved Boom Cymbal Stand?

The unique feature of this stand from Pearl is the curved arm compared to a traditional boom stand that comes with a straight arm.

Pearl has done this to allow you to place cymbals in those hard to reach areas that a straight boom arm cannot achieve.

The second reason is to give the kit a distinct look. Drummers are always looking for ways to stand out and have a unique setup. This curved boom stand could be the new piece of gear to achieve this.

Advantages of a curved boom stand

The main advantage is that of what Pearl wanted to achieve. You can indeed put your cymbals in some hard to reach placements. 

This will be most beneficial for drummers that have a large or compact setup. Sometimes a straight boom stand won’t suffice. 

Disadvantages of a curved boom stand

I think there is one main disadvantage to having curved boom arms. That is that they don’t fold away as neatly as straight boom cymbal stands. Most professional-grade touring boom stands fold away within themselves making them ideal for transporting. 

With the curved boom arm, it folds down next to the main arm. If you are playing a lot of shows, setting up your kit and down it will be interesting to see how well the boom arm lasts.

Even though it doesn’t fold away perfectly, Pearl has a reputation for building sturdy hardware that is built to last. If it wasn’t going to last, I don’t think Pearl would have released it. 


The curved boom stand comes with all of the features you would expect from Pearls top of the line hardware.

GyroLock cymbal tilter

The GyroLock cymbal tilter allows you to adjust the angle of the cymbal on both axes. The result is being able to change to the cymbal placement without needing to twist the arm. 

WingLoc Quick Release

The WingLoc Quick release nut allows for the cymbals to be removed from the stand in a matter of seconds. You simply squeeze the nut rather than having to unscrew it.

Double-Braced Trident Tripod

To ensure the stand has a sturdy bass is comes with three heavy-duty legs to keep it in place.

Reversible Seat Cup

The reversible cup allows you to get a slightly different response from your cymbals. Depending on which way up you have the cup will determine how much the cymbal can swing on the stand.

Reversible Cymbal Washers

Cymbal washers also help you change the response of the cymbal. The cymbal washer has a felt or foam material on either side. Depending on which is touching the cymbal will change the response. 

Models available

Pearl has released two models of the curved boom stand. 

It can either be purchased as a stand with the legs or as an arm without the base. This gives you a cheaper option if you use a rack or plan to mount it on another stand.

With legs

Pearl 1030 Series Boomerang Cymbal Stand


Just the boom arm

Pearl Curved Cymbal Holder


Where can I buy these?

If you are wanting to purchase either of these stands, check out these online music stores.

Our thoughts on the Pearl Curved Boom Arm Stand

I think the curved boom stand is an intriguing concept. Although, I don’t think these will be for everyone. 

In my experience, not many people will have large enough kits to need curved stands to fit in an extra cymbal. I think the main reason people will purchase these is to create unique and crazy kits.

I can already imagine some of the rack and boom arm combinations. It will be interesting to see what Pearl artists do with their kits going forward.

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I’ve been playing the drums for over 15 years and I still love them! I am mostly a metal drummer but I am currently working on groove and applying rudiments to the kit!

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