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Electronic Drum Kit Splash Cymbal Pads | Which are the best?

electronic drum kit splash cymbal pad

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Electronic drum kit splash cymbal pads are slowly starting to enter the market. As electronic drums have grown in popularity drummers are becoming accustomed to electronic pads that have the same look of the acoustic counterparts. Splash cymbals are no exception to this rule.

Look at how far electronic drums have comes since the octagon pads of the 1980s to the electronic drums of today. They are uncomparable. 

Toms, snare, bass drums, hi-hats, rides and crash pads are commonplace on electric drum kits. It is now time for effect cymbals like electronic china cymbal pads and electronic splash cymbal pads to have their turn.

Why would you want an electronic drum kit splash cymbal pad?

In reality, you don’t need one. On an electronic drum kit, any pad can be programmed to play any sound. So a crash cymbal pad can be used as a splash if you wanted. Even though this is the case, visually they don’t do the job. 

One of the reasons drummers play is because of the striking beauty of a drum kit. Each one is unique and has a presence. For many years electronic drum kits haven’t had the same impact but in the past 10 years, they have come leaps and bounds. An electronic drum kit today can be just as cool as an acoustic one. 

Even with all this progress, some elements have been missing. Such as the beloved splash cymbal. That being said, electronic drum kit splash cymbal pads are starting to become available though and we are happy to see this. 

What electric splash cymbals are available currently?

Let’s take a look at the electronic splash cymbal pads currently available on the market. We will take you through all the splash pads we are aware of and what are thoughts are. 

Realistic looking splash pads

Triggera D11 11″ Splash Cymbal Pad

Triggera D11 11" Splash Cymbal Pad

This 11″ splash pad from Triggera is a great option for players not wanting to spend a lot of money. At only £42, that is incredibly cheap for a cymbal pad. This pad only has one zone, for a splash cymbal, this isn’t an issue as a splash cymbal is only used for that one sound. 

It is worth noting that it can’t be chocked though. If this is something you often do with your splashes these might not be the option for you. 

Great priceCan’t choke the sound
Looks like a splash cymbalIs a fairly loud pad

The Triggera splash pad is currently available for order on Thomann. Check it out below.

ATV aDrums Artist Series Splash Cymbals

ATV aDrums Artist Series Splash Cymbals

ATV is leading the way as far as the selection of cymbal pads available. Splashes are no exception to this. Currently, ATV has two different size splash pads available. A 10″ and 12″ version. 

The splash cymbals feature three zones, bow/ edge/ bell. ATV also paid particular attention to how the cymbals feel to try and replicate acoustic cymbals as closely as possible. 

The ATV splash pads are great but they are pricey. 

Looks greatExpensive
Natural feel pad
3 zone pad

The ATV splash pad are currently available on Thomann and Gear4music. Check out the links below.

Alternative pads that can be used as splashes

So as you can see the range of splash cymbal pads is currently very limited. Here are a couple of smaller cymbal pads that could be used as a splash but don’t have the full aesthetic appeal.

Roland CY-5 Dual Trigger Cymbal

There is no doubt about it, Roland makes great electronic drums. They don’t sell a proper “splash pad” but they do offer a smaller 12″ pad that can be used as one. 

Out of the alternative pads featured the CY-5 is the only pad that has two zones and choking capabilities. 

The Roland CY-5 pad is available from Thomann and Gear4music.

Millenium MPS-200 Mono Cymbal Pad

This offering from Thomann is a great option for a drummer on a budget. It is a single zone pad and is 12″ in size. Much like the Roland pad, it doesn’t look like a splash but is the right kind of size.

The Millenium pad is currently available at Thomann.

Digital Drums Electronic Cymbal Pad

This pad from Digital Drums is extremely similar to that of the Millenium pad but is 10″ rather than 12″. Another great option for drummers on a budget at only £24.99.

The Digital Drums Pads is currently available at Gear4music.

Our thoughts

It is great to see electronic splash cymbal pads coming to the market. It is still early days though and the choices are limited. My top pick would have to be the ATV splashes, they look great and have 3 zones. If you have the money, this is the one to get.

Hopefully, over the next few years, we will see more manufacturers introducing their own splash cymbal pads to the market. 

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I’ve been playing the drums for over 15 years and I still love them! I am mostly a metal drummer but I am currently working on groove and applying rudiments to the kit!

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