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Jay Weinberg 908 Signature Drumsticks from Vater

Jay Weinberg 908 signature Vater drumsticks

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The Jay Weinberg 908 Signature drumsticks from Vater are here! Being the drummer for a band as influential and globe dominating as Slipknot, you would imagine you would need a pretty special drumstick to live up to the task.

Let’s see what the Jay Weinberg 908 Signature Drumsticks are trying to achieve and what makes them unique.

About the 908 Signature sticks

If you somehow haven’t heard of Slipknot, let us explain what a drumstick has to go through. Relentless blast beats, blistering fills, aggressive beats and thunderous breakdowns. And not to forget, these are long sets of over an hour. That is a big ask for any drumstick. 

This is why the Jay Weinberg 908 Signature drumsticks have been developed. These sticks need to be able to take a beating whilst providing comfort for those long shows. 

We’ve created a drumstick that’s truly unique and that has its own character, but feels familiar and versatile, to suit any drummer’s style.

Jay WeinbErg (Drummer for Slipknot)

Of course, like most Slipknot related signature products, the 908 drumsticks from Vater have a unique design on them. You can see Jay’s signature like you would on all signature drumsticks but you also get a nice “908 Hand-Selected Hickory” logo and three nails for good measure.  

What size are the Jay Weinberg 908 Signature Drumsticks?

The 908 drumsticks sit at a size between a 5A and a 5B with an extra 1/4″ length for extended reach. The drumsticks also have a quick tapper to add more weight to the tip giving a quick response making it perfect for medium to high tempo playing.

Vater 908 drumstick specification
Credit – Vater Drumsticks

A medium-size barrel tip on the sticks gives cymbals a cutting sound when used without losing too much definition. 

Vater Jay Weinberg 908 Signature Drumstick from Specification:

  • Material – Hickory
  • Tip – Medium barrel
  • Size – 41.28 cm (16 1/4″)
  • Diameter – 14.9 mm (0.585″)
  • Taper Length – Short
  • Weight – Medium/ heavy

Where can I buy these drumsticks?

Luckily for you, Jay Weinberg is an extremely popular drummer so you will be able to find these sticks at your favourite online suppliers or local drum shop. 

If you are looking to order online, here are some of our recommended shops. 

What do we think?

It sounds like the Jay Weinberg 908 Signature Drumsticks from Vater do achieve what they set out to. They sit in the evermore popular sweet spot between the 5A and 5B for comfort with the extra length and short taper for speed. These drumsticks are perfect for the music Slipknot are playing. 

These drumsticks also look great. I love that they have that something special that Slipknot injects into everything they touch.

I don’t think these drumsticks will be for everyone. The extra weight at the end of the stick may be too far from what most drummers are used to. 

We recommend picking up a pair and seeing what they feel like. 

If these sticks sound appealing but you are looking for something slightly shorter, we have a suggestion for you. Have a look at the Luke Holland Signature sticks from Meinl Stick and Brush. These are very similar in many ways but are slightly shorter with a round tip. 

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