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rdavidr | David Raouf | The most entertaining drummer on YouTube?

rdavidr drummer content creator

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David Raouf, better known as rdavidr, is a well know drummer and content creator due to his YouTube channel where he creates unique videos that are informative and entertaining.

If you haven’t heard of rdavidr you are truly missing out. 

rdavidr on YouTube

rdavidr’s YouTube channel is stacked full on unique and creative drum content. He currently has over 220,000 subscribers and over 47 million views! Wow!

On his channel you will see videos ranging from drum hacks, making drum kits out of random things as well as converting loads of gear in beautiful and wonderful ways. 

All of his videos are entertaining and you are bound to pick up some helpful tips along the way.

Check out these videos of rdavidr

Why not make a pizza kick drum?

If you are after some hacks for your drums check out this drum hacks video

Our top pick from rdavidr

It is hard to pick out just one rdavidr video as they are all so good! After much debate… is has to be the video where rdavidr and Stephen Taylor took a kids drum set and attempted to make it sound good.

Unsurprisingly this is his most viewed video at the time of writing at over 3.3 millions views and we are not surprised. Haven’t we all wondered if one of the check kids drum sets can be made to sounds decent? If anyone is capable of doing it, it is rdavidr.

Anyway, check out the results below.

rdavidr’s drum kit

Unlike most content cretors, rdavidr has a lot of different drum kits! He has a range of different kits covering many brands and well as vintage and modern gear.

That is one of the joys of watching his videos. You never know wht kit you are going to see.

One thing that is usually consistent is the configuration of the setup. In general, you will see a 4 piece kit.

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Rack tom
  • Floor tom

This is usually accompanied by a pair of hi-hats, a ride and a couple of crashes.

Where can I find rdavidr

Luckily for you he can be found on most social media platforms. Make sure you go check him out on the links below.

Final thoughts

David Raouf is a great drummer and creates some of the best drumming content on YouTube. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Do you have a favourite drummer we should check out? Let us know in the comments below.

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I’ve been playing the drums for over 15 years and I still love them! I am mostly a metal drummer but I am currently working on groove and applying rudiments to the kit!

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