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El Estepario Siberiano | The fastest-growing drum influencer?

El Estepario Siberiano drummer

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El Estepario Siberiano is blowing up online. It is easy to see why with his incredible drumming and charisma. Let’s find out more about this incredible drummer.

Who is El Estepario Siberiano? 

Jorge Garrido “El Estepario Siberiano” is a 24-year-old drummer from Valencia, Spain. He creates incredible drum content across YouTube, Twitch and Instagram and his following is growing exponentially. Currently, he is one of the most popular Spanish drummers online.

He seems to have an endless supply of chops allowing him to create mind-blowing fills and beats. He also often uses a very minimalise kit but you struggle to notice, his dynamic range brings out the best of every single piece he uses. 

El Estepario Siberiano joined Saratoga as a full-time member of the band in late 2020. 

El Estepario Siberiano on YouTube

If you are looking for an entertaining drumming YouTube channel, El Estepario Siberiano’s channel is worth your time. Racking up over 230K subscribers and 22 million views you can see a lot of people also think so.

His videos mostly consist of covers injected with his unique style of playing, as well as some lessons and blog style videos. 

His recording setup is minimalist but the results are astounding. He only uses a Yamaha EAD10 to record the audio and a GoPro 7 for the video. This is a great example of how good the Yamaha EAD10 is.

There are so many incredible videos to see but here are some of our favourites.

Look at this incredible single pedal action. Many drummers can’t play this with a double pedal never mind going between a single pedal and a floor tom…

This cover shows his incredible playing style with a good look at his humour

Hopefully, this gives you a little taste of his content. Make sure you go and visit his channel for more.

What gear does El Estepario Siberiano use?

He uses a great selection of brands and is lucky enough to already have some of his own signature gear. His setup is changing constantly but this should give you a taste of his setup.

El Estepario Siberiano Drum Kit

Gear used:

Where can I find more?

Luckily you can find him all over the web. We recommend checking out his Instagram and YouTube most. You won’t regret it.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt about it, El Estepario Siberiano is a powerhouse of a drummer. The chops and feel are a standout in his playing. He is a joy to watch. 

We can’t wait to see what he gets up to going forward. Hopefully, he is going to transition from just online to do live shows and clinics when the world returns to some normality. We know he is certainly a drummer we would like to see live.

The author

I’ve been playing the drums for over 15 years and I still love them! I am mostly a metal drummer but I am currently working on groove and applying rudiments to the kit!


  1. Fuck guys! Estepario here! I truly appreciate this post, whatever I can do for you, just let me know!
    Best regards!

    • Hi Estepario.
      Thank you for the kind words on the post! We can’t wait to see what you get up to next.
      Chris @ Drum Faster

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