Sabian FRX cymbals

Sabian FRX Cymbals | The new must have cymbals for small gigs?

Who are the Sabian FRX cymbals range for?

These cymbals are very exciting for a huge number of reasons. But who are they for? Lets find out!

The Sabian FRX cymbals range have been built to offer drummers a cymbal that has select frequencies removed. Almost as if they have been pre EQ'd in a recording studio. This does also result in a slight volume drop at around -4db.

So why would you want this? 

If you are a keen studio session drummer these are also a great option. We all know cymbals can sound different in different scenarios. The shape and textures in the room can make a huge difference. The Sabian FRX cymbals range offer a great tool for your arsenal in those tricky environments where you can't quite get the sound right.

For smaller show in bars and clubs (like most of us play) this is hugely beneficial. Often in these size shows you end up either need to play quieter or you need to try and dampen the ring on your cymbals with tape. Both of these have downsides. Tape can cause for the wrong elements being removed hindering your sound. Playing quieter can kill your groove and performance. No one wants that.

Sabian have fixed both these issues in the FRX range. They have managed to hammer and drill the cymbals in certain places to remove the frequencies you need less of in these environments. This is no small feat when you are also providing great sounding cymbals.

What cymbals are available in the Sabian FRX range?

Like with most cymbals when a new range is launched you don't have everything you need to create a full diverse set up but the key things you need are here. Don't panic just yet!

sabian frx hi hats

Hi Hats

Currently only 14" Hi Hats are available. This is a little disapointing as you don't have any options to meet you preference, especially with 15" being very popular at the moment. Luckily they sounds great!

sabian frx crash


The Sabian FRX range have a good selection of crashes for a new line. Currently you can pick up either a 16", 17" or 18" in the standard weight. There currently aren't heavy or fast versions of the cymbals available.

From what we have heard so far the Sabian FRX crashes have a very quick delay and sit towards the brighter end of the spectrum. This is what you would expect from these cymbals as the crashes are often the ones that can over power the sound in smaller venues.

sabian frx ride


Currently available in one weight in either 20" or 21" these are nice sounding rides although maybe not idea for all players. Overall as a cymbal it is very diverse with the bell, bow and rim all having distinct sounds.

Personally I like the sounds of the bow as well as the rim when crashing. Like the crash it has a very short distain. For me though the bell doesn't cut as much as I would like although maybe more than you would expect considering all of the wholes drilled into the cymbal.

What do we think?

The direction Sabian are taking with the FRX range is great. The majority of cymbal manufacturers are focusing on quiet cymbals at the moment (granted Sabian also fall into this with the Quiet Tone cymbals) but this is a key market that has never had any focus on them.

This range is nowhere near perfect in its current state but it has a lot of potential and is on the right track. To become a go to cymbal range for session players Sabian will need to expand to at least include a couple of splashes and chinas as well as some more diversity in the hi hats and crashes.

The good:

  1. Great idea for a range of cymbals that supports a large volume of players
  2. Perfect for smaller live scenarios
  3. Crisp and clear sound

The bad:

  1. Small selection of models currently available

To find out more about the Sabian FRX range you can read more over on the Sabian website

We can't wait to find out more about these cymbals and see how they expand the range in the future. If you have enjoyed this article subscribe to our mailing list below for future updates.

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