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Why submit a drum lesson?

At Drum Faster our main goal is to help you achieve yours! We are trying to create as many useful and helpful lessons as possible but we may have missed something.

If you have a something you would like to learn leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we will help you out. You might be struggling with a song, heard a beat or fill you can't get down. It could be anything.

When we get you request we will see if it is something we can put together quickly and make a short video or if it will need a longer more in detailed course creating.

All lessons created are available to all members to watch. I'm sure everyone will find something to take away from these lessons.

Happy requesting! 

How do I submit a lesson request?

It is simple! Just leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we'll reply to you.

Requested Drum Lessons Already Available

Use the filter below to select by difficulty and find a drum lesson to learn.


Submit your request for a drum lesson below in the comments. We will reply as soon as we can about your request.


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Drum Lesson Requests

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